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Quick Response Codes are the latest, most popular recognizable information tags for mobile users to save details on their phone. The QR Codes are used to encrypt any details desired.
  • 1. The BeeTag 2D Code is very popular with mobile tagging. Customized logo's are ideal for brand marketing your business.

  • 2. QR Code is another popular form of open tagging for use with mobile phones

  • 3. The Datamatrix Code is mainly used in system stock coding similar to the Barcode.

QR Code Marketing

The Marketing Applications for QR Codes are endless. These are just some of the examples being used commercially today.

*Business Cards
*T Shirts
*Contact Pages
*Instructional videos links
*Real Estate signs for House Details
*Car Sales Yards
*Luggage Tags
*Special offer codes

*Wifi connection codes in Restaurants
*Info requests
*Online Order Forms
*Member sign ups
*Utube promotional videos
*Slide show image promotions
*Instant maps
*Social Network Connections.

MSW can build a customized Qr Code for your business. For a mobile user, Quick Response Codes save time searching for details, give instant access and are easy to store information. MSW will build you a specialized SMS campaign, using your branded QR Code, to offer specials, discounts or vouchers to mobiles in your area.
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